Bass Drum Cradle

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Made in the USA-Temporarily Out Of Stock 

$199 (+Continental US Shipping $15)

Heavy Gauge steel construction cradle

"Finding the sweet spot on my bass drum is something I never thought about before I tried Gene D'Amico's cradle - here is something guaranteed to stimulate your imagination." 

Mr. Jim Keltner,

Master Recording artist,  performer

  • Raises the height of smaller bass drums allowing the beater to strike more near the center of the drum head improving tone and resonance.

Sturdy rubber feet securely hold the cradle in place behind the hoop or rim


"Finally a resonance isolation system exists for the bass drum. I use it with my D'Amico Drums 18" bass drum to achieve maximum tone and resonance." Brad Hargreaves -

Third Eye Blind


  • Instantly convert a floor tom to a bass drum without drilling holes in your drum


  • Adjusts to handle most drum pedal styles   (pedal not included)
"The cradle arrived yesterday. It is built like a ROCK! My 20" drum sits securely within the cradle and is just at the perfect height that I had wanted it to be positioned at. Your cradle puts the DW cradle to shame. This is the best! Thanks again for your help". James Bannow, CT-satisfied customer
  • The cradle adjusts for any drum (floor tom or bass drum) 8.5"-20.5" in depth and 16-22" in diameter.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction